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Tragic Fireplace in Mangaf, Kuwait: Over 35 Lifeless and Dozens Injured – Sorts

More than 35 people have been killed in a devastating fire at a building in Mangaf, Kuwait. Dozens of injured individuals are receiving treatment at various Ministry of Health hospitals.

Major General Eid Rashid from the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior stated that emergency teams, including fire services and forensic specialists, were dispatched to the scene to identify the deceased and the injured, according to Al-Qabas newspaper.

Meanwhile, Major General Eid Al-Awaihan, Director General of Forensic Evidence, confirmed that the death toll at the fire site in Mangaf has exceeded 35. He added that 15 injured individuals were transported to hospitals, where four of them have succumbed to their injuries.

The Ministry of Health announced that they have been providing full medical care to 43 individuals affected by the fire in the Mangaf building, including several severe cases, with four victims pronounced dead upon arrival.

The ministry reported that the injured have been distributed among various hospitals in the country: 21 cases at Adan Hospital, six at Farwaniya Hospital, one at Amiri Hospital, 11 at Mubarak Hospital, and four cases at Mubarak Hospital for necessary treatment. Medical teams are exerting all efforts to offer the required care immediately.

The ministry is closely monitoring the condition of the injured and coordinating with relevant hospitals and authorities to ensure all necessary resources are available for optimal medical services. Specialized medical teams have been formed to oversee the treatment of the injured and provide psychological and moral support to them and their families. Updates will be provided as new information becomes available. The ministry expressed its condolences, praying for mercy for the deceased and a swift recovery for the injured.


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