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Saudi Arabia complements banking services and products for Hajj pilgrims

JEDDAH: As the Hajj season approaches, the Mashaer metro is ready to play a crucial role in transporting thousands of pilgrims between the holy sites in Makkah.

The train, with its efficient operations and unique features, is set to enrich the pilgrimage experience and ensure the smooth movement of pilgrims during their rituals.

The Mashaer metro system comprises nine stations located across the holy sites, connected by an 18-km double-track railway, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

With a capacity of 72,000 passengers per hour in one direction across more than 200 trips, the train facilitates the movement of pilgrims to and from their destinations.

Operating at a speed of 80 km per hour, the train can swiftly transport pilgrims between Mina and Arafat in just 20 minutes, the SPA said.

The fleet has 17 trains, each capable of carrying 3,000 passengers.

The Mashaer metro is also built on an environmentally sustainable model using electric power, helping to preserve holy sites and safeguard the health of pilgrims.

The eco-friendly approach reduces traffic congestion and carbon emissions by eliminating about 50,000 passenger buses from the roads during the Hajj season.


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