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Gas Costs within the UAE for June 2024 – Trade

The Fuel Price Monitoring Committee has approved a decrease in fuel prices for June 2024 by 20 fils.

Fuel distribution companies announced the new prices, which will be implemented starting June 1, 2024. The new pricing includes a 5% value-added tax.

The price of Super 98 petrol decreased by 20 fils from AED 3.34 in May 2024 to AED 3.14 in June 2024. Similarly, the price of Special 95 petrol dropped by 20 fils from AED 3.22 in May to AED 3.02 in June.

Additionally, the price of E-Plus 91 petrol fell by 20 fils from AED 3.15 in May to AED 2.95 in June, while the price of diesel decreased by 19 fils per liter from AED 3.07 in May to AED 2.88 in June.

The fuel price standards adopted by the Ministry of Energy are determined monthly based on the average global oil prices, whether rising or falling, after adding the operating costs for distribution companies.


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