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Asia’s best safety summit is beneath means in Singapore | Information

As US and China defence chiefs meet in Singapore, attention turns to rising tensions over the future of Taiwan.

Defence chiefs from around the Asia Pacific are in Singapore to discuss security challenges facing the region.

The three-day summit, known as the Shangri-La Dialogue, attracts high-level ministers, military heads and global security analysts.

The focus will be on foreign policy, with sensitive diplomatic talks taking place behind closed doors.

But relations are already frosty between the world’s two superpowers – China and the United States. Beijing has warned Washington against interfering in its affairs after their defence ministers met to discuss Taiwan.

While that relationship sees no sign of thawing, others are trying to find common ground.

So, which alliances might be strengthened and could new ones be established?

And how is all this affecting the balance of power around the globe?


Sohail Rahman


Andy Mok – Senior research fellow at Center for China and Globalization.

Samir Puri – A visiting lecturer in war studies at King’s College London

David Des Roches – Professor at the Near East South Asia Center for Security Studies.


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