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Dubai’s New Initiative: Scholarships for Remarkable Emirati Scholars in Personal Faculties – UAE

The “Dubai Program for Outstanding Students” aims to enhance cooperation between the public and private sectors by providing over 400 seats for Emirati students at various educational levels in private schools in Dubai for the upcoming academic year. These seats will be offered with scholarships covering 50% of the tuition fees.

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), the Knowledge Fund Establishment, and nine private schools in Dubai have signed a series of cooperation agreements to provide quality education for outstanding Emirati students for the 2024-2025 academic year. These agreements aim to strengthen public-private partnerships to offer high-quality educational opportunities for Emirati students in Dubai. Parents of Emirati students holding a Dubai-issued family book can register for the program from May 20 to June 5, 2024, through the KHDA website. The program includes various curricula such as the British, International Baccalaureate, and American systems.

This initiative falls under the Dubai Program for Outstanding Students, which is part of the Dubai Social Agenda 33. It aims to build partnerships between the public and private sectors to provide outstanding Emirati students with the opportunity to join the best private schools in Dubai, with a total of 1,800 seats by 2030.

Pathways for Cooperation

Ayesha Abdullah Miran, Director General of KHDA in Dubai, stated, “The Dubai Program for Outstanding Students is part of the Dubai Social Agenda 33. The program aims to ensure that Emirati students in private schools in Dubai receive education rated as good or better by establishing sustainable cooperation pathways between the public and private sectors. It contributes to empowering future generations and developing outstanding Emirati talents within Dubai’s comprehensive development journey.”

She thanked the Knowledge Fund Establishment for supporting the program and praised the initiative and commitment of the participating schools to support outstanding Emirati students by providing scholarships covering 50% of tuition fees. She also invited more private schools offering good or better education in Dubai to join the program and contribute positively to achieving Dubai’s goals and preparing future leaders across various development sectors.

Abdullah Mohammed Al Awar, CEO of the Knowledge Fund Establishment, said, “As part of our strategy at the Knowledge Fund Establishment, we are committed to adopting and supporting quality educational initiatives that enrich the educational system in Dubai, aligning with the Dubai Social Agenda 2033 and Dubai’s ambitious vision to become one of the top 10 cities globally in terms of education quality.”

Al Awar added, “We will strive to enhance educational opportunities for our outstanding students by encouraging more private schools to contribute to and join this educational initiative in the future.”

Enrollment Criteria

To enroll in the program, a student must be an Emirati national holding a Dubai-issued family book. The student must be new or enrolled in a public or private school in the UAE, from grades 4 to 10 or their equivalents in other curricula. Additionally, the student must have a GPA of 90% or higher in the American curriculum or the Ministry of Education curriculum. For the International Baccalaureate, the student must achieve a grade of 5, and for the British curriculum, a grade of “B.” The student must also pass the evaluation tests and interviews conducted by the school’s assessment committee.

Educational Opportunities

Participating schools in the program will cover 50% of the annual tuition fees, with the remaining 50% paid by the parents. The scholarship is managed according to standards ensuring the highest quality educational services for program participants.

Supporting Statements

Alan Williamson, CEO of Taaleem Group, expressed pride in participating in this unique initiative, where the efforts of the public and private sectors are integrated to provide the best educational opportunities for Emirati students. He emphasized Taaleem Group’s commitment to providing academic, personal, and professional development opportunities for students in the program and to designing a supportive and stimulating educational environment for Emirati students.

Ibrahim Abdullah Al Ghurair, Chairman of Dar Al Marefa School in Dubai, expressed his pleasure in joining the program and providing support and educational opportunities for outstanding Emirati students to empower them for the future and align with Dubai’s Social Agenda 33. He reaffirmed the school’s commitment to creating a stimulating and supportive educational environment for students and parents to achieve the program’s aspirations.

Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, owner of Dubai Heights Academy’s educational permit, stated that this initiative is part of their ongoing efforts to enhance cooperation between the public and private sectors and provide the best educational opportunities for outstanding Emirati students. He emphasized Dubai Heights Academy’s commitment to supporting the program, believing in the importance of providing appropriate opportunities for each student to achieve their full potential.

Poonam Bhojani, CEO of Innoventures Education, highlighted their ongoing commitment to providing excellent educational opportunities for their students and contributing to equipping them with future skills. She emphasized Innoventures Education’s belief in empowering academically outstanding students and providing necessary support for their growth and development. Bhojani expressed enthusiasm for working closely with program partners to achieve mutual future goals.


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