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After the dying of a kid within a automotive, Sharjah Police warn in opposition to unlicensed drivers – UAE

The General Directorate of Sharjah Police has warned parents of students about the danger of hiring unlicensed drivers to transport their children to and from schools, due to the serious risks this poses to their lives. This comes as a result of their ignorance of the safety procedures imposed by the competent authorities, which puts the safety of their children at risk.

This warning comes in the wake of a report received by the operations room earlier today, Tuesday, indicating the death of a child inside a car in one of the areas of Sharjah Emirate. Upon the arrival of the concerned teams and the investigation into the circumstances of the incident, it was revealed that one of the parents of Asian nationality had contracted with a driver to transport their children to school. Upon their arrival, everyone except a child aged (7) years old disembarked. The driver parked the vehicle next to the school and locked it without ensuring it was empty, then left with her husband. Upon the students’ dismissal time, they found the child had passed away inside the vehicle.

The General Directorate of Sharjah Police urged parents to use designated school buses to transport children, which are equipped with all security and safety measures and are subject to continuous monitoring by responsible authorities. Alternatively, parents can personally transport their children to school, ensuring the utmost care and maximum safety for them.


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