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OSN+ companions with Google so as to add generative synthetic intelligence to platform

RIYADH: Saudi content creator Ahmed Aljar said that patience and consistency have been key factors in his journey from being a YouTuber to becoming the CEO of his media agency, Vito.

He shared insights into his success during a fireside chat titled “Influencers in Saudi Arabia, Best Practices for Brands” at the Saudi Festival of Creativity, Athar, in Riyadh on Tuesday.

The session was moderated by Karl Mapstone, the head of Vamp Middle East marketing agency.

The panel discussion highlighted various strategies for influencers to achieve success, using the story of Aljar, who went from being an engineering graduate to a successful content creator.

Aljar said: “In my third year of college, it just hit me that I don’t think in an engineering way, and it was too late for me to switch majors. I graduated, and during that period, I started my YouTube channel because it was always in the back of my head. I knew that I wanted to document my life and my experience in the US.”

Continuing his YouTube career and relocating to Saudi Arabia, Aljar witnessed a peak in engagement like never before. He mentioned that sharing content about travels and family attracted a large audience that soon became a loyal following.

Aljar said: “The people who use the platforms are just supportive. They like to see good content. They appreciate influencers. If you’re authentic and real and you present something special and creative, you will have a great chance.”

After amassing 2.2 million subscribers and producing 620 videos, Aljar decided to leave YouTube a year and a half ago to focus on other social media platforms, including TikTok and Instagram.

Today, he is CEO of Vito and is thriving with almost 1 million followers on TikTok and over 300,000 on Instagram.

Aljar’s success stems from paying attention to detail and ensuring his expectations are met.

He said: “We check the videos after the campaign, considering how we can step up in other collaborations. So, I take it very seriously. We have our own way of creating content.

“I know how to talk to my audience, and we are very detailed in creating content. You know, the lenses, the small details … we study the room before we get in.”

He added: “I started as a content creator all the way to the CEO of a creative agency, Vito. So, patience, patience, patience, and consistency. I spent a year without making any money in this field, without reaching a thousand subscribers. But, you know, I was just charged up. I wanted to create and put myself on the social media map.”

Through owning a business, AlJar said he has learned how to be a content creator while “building relationships, networking, and enhancing communication.”

He advised the young Saudi community to “be creative, learn how to delegate, hire people, invest in equipment and a team to help build your ideas and storyboards, present yourself in the best way possible, and be genuine about it on a business level.”

The Athar festival, running until Nov. 16, unites Saudi Arabia’s creative and marketing sectors for recognition and celebration. It features workshops, coaching, training, roundtables, C-suite sessions, young talent competitions, and an awards ceremony.


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