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IDF moves Hezbollah bases after 15 rockets had been fired into Israel from Lebanon

Flame and smoke rise over Lebanon as seen from Israel’s border with Lebanon, in northern Israel, Oct. 10, 2023. (Photo: REUTERS/Ammar Awad)

The Israel Defense Forces struck a number of targets in Lebanon after Hezbollah fired 15 rockets into northern Israel and attempted to hit an IDF armored personnel carrier (APC) with an anti-tank missile on Tuesday evening.

Following a barrage of 15 rockets fired into Israeli territory, rocket sirens sounded in the towns of Metzuva, Betzet, Shlomi, Hanita, Achziv and Liman in the western Galilee region.

The IDF’s air defense team successfully shot down four of the rockets, while 11 fell in open areas.

One rocket reportedly exploded in Shlomi, next to the Lebanese border, but, in fact, fell in a field close to the town. No injuries or damages were reported.

In response, the IDF attacked Hezbollah observation posts with tanks and artillery.

Shortly after, an anti-tank missile from Lebanese territory was fired at an IDF APC near Avivim.

The IDF confirmed that no soldiers were injured as the missile missed the APC, in contradiction to Lebanese reports.

The IDF then responded by attacking additional Hezbollah posts with a helicopter.

These exchanges were the continuation of clashes on Tuesday, when the IDF thwarted an infiltration attempt by three armed terrorists, killing two of them.

Three IDF soldiers lost their lives during the clashes. The death of Lt.-Col. Salim Abdallah from the Druze town of Yanouh-Jat was announced on Monday.

On Tuesday, the IDF confirmed Sergeant First Class Jawad Amar from Hurfish and Sergeant First Class (res.) Gilad Molkho from Tel Aviv were the two other soldiers who fell during the clashes with the infiltrators.

Hezbollah reportedly assured the Lebanese government that the terror organization would not join Hamas in its fight against Israel unless the Jewish state “harassed” Lebanon, according to Lebanese Foreign Minister Abdallah Bouhabib on Monday.

The IDF has concentrated large forces at the northern border to deter Hezbollah from joining Hamas in the war against Israel. These include some of the more than 300,000 reservists who have been called up and mobilized since Saturday.


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