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Harrods, London Welcomes First Emirati Childrenswear Emblem – Shatha Essa Children – supported by means of Dubai Tradition to spice up international presence of Emirati Ability – Arts & tradition

With the support of Dubai Culture & Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), Emirati designer Shatha Essa has launched her new children’s wear brand, Shatha Essa Kids Collection in Harrods, London. It is the first national brand to showcase its products at the renowned iconic store – Harrods. This initiative aligns with the authority’s commitment to investing in Emriati talent and lifting its global footprint. 

Shatha Essa has been rewarded a dedicated section in the luxury brands room on the fourth floor of the store, for the latest collections of her brand, featuring whimsical designs influenced by fairytales and dreams. The space was designed by Shatha herself, she wanted it to feel like you have walked into a birthday party where the kids get to role play and dress up the dolls with dresses similar to the ones they can choose for themselves as well. There is also an interactive theatre that has illustrations of the dresses in different occasions where the kids can come along and play together in the whimsical space. 

Khulood Khoory, Director of the Projects & Events Department, affirmed the Authority’s interest in developing the capabilities of creatives, encouraging them to elevate their diverse skills and enabling their paths, saying: “Emirati designers have proven their ability to innovate, generate distinctive ideas and establish successful, ambitious projects that open vast horizons. This has enabled them to transcend the local scope, contributing to showcasing the essence of our Emirati cultural identity and highlighting the strength, competitiveness and potential of Dubai’s design sector” 

Shatha Essa, Founder & Creative Director of Shatha Essa – Kids expressed her gratitude for the support of Dubai Culture stating: “To me, this marks an extraordinary milestone to be able to represent myself, my brand, my inspiration and most importantly my Dubai. The Authority has enhanced my presence as a UAE Fashion Designer with this pioneering initiative of presenting the brand in Harrods, London. This milestone is not just a triumph for my childrenswear label, but a testament to our entire nation and its ability to present a positive image of young Emirati talent.” She emphasized that the inclusion of Shatha Essa Kids in Harrods marks a pivotal point in her career, highlighting that all pieces are designed and produced in Dubai, underscoring the advancement of the city’s fashion industry. 

Shatha Essa Kids was inspired by her daughters, Hessa and Hind, the two playful girls that helped shape this concept for the designer. The collection brings to life the vision of joy and elegance for joyous occasions through voluminous dresses, elegant outerwear, sweet accessories, exquisite embellishments hand crafted from shimmering sequins and delicate threads. 

The space was meticulously designed by Shatha herself, aiming to create an ambiance reminiscent of a delightful birthday party. Here, children are invited to role-play and dress up dolls in beautiful dresses that mirror the ones available for them. Additionally, an interactive theatre showcases illustrations of the dresses in various settings, allowing kids to immerse themselves in a whimsical environment and enjoy collaborative play. 

Shatha Essa Kids – the first Emirati Childrenswear Brand to showcase its products in Harrods, London – supported by Dubai Culture & Arts Authority to boost global presence of Emirati talent.



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