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Sarah Galvão secures ancient first win as ADXC 1 kicks off in Abu Dhabi – Sports activities – Different

The highly anticipated inaugural Abu Dhabi Extreme Championship (ADXC1) took center stage at the Mubadala Arena, captivating an exuberant crowd with adrenaline-packed action. In a remarkable first fight of the night and the ADXC series, Sarah Galvão emerged victorious over her opponent, Vitoria Gabreilla, in the third round in the Gi Super Fight division.

The electrifying showdown witnessed relentless determination from Galvão, who strived to secure a submission hold during the initial two rounds while Vitoria Gabreilla maintained a steadfast defense. The match reached its climax in the third round when Sarah executed the “Bow and Arrow” move with precision, clinching a commanding victory.

Reflecting on her impressive performance, Sarah Galvão said, “Vitoria is a very strong girl. I have great confidence in my jiu-jitsu skills, and I set out to showcase them. I emerged victorious in the end.” Tonight’s triumph represents a pivotal milestone in Galvão’s career, as she showcased her jiu-jitsu prowess on a grand stage.

Commenting on her experience of fighting within the cage, Sarah acknowledged the unique challenges it presented. She said, “The cage makes a big difference, especially because you can’t go through the wall, so you have to use the cage to your advantage, and that’s what I did. She was very strong and aggressive, but I didn’t want to deplete my energy too early, so I felt her out in the beginning and used the last two rounds to explode, which ultimately led to my victory at the end.”

Sarah further revealed her strategy, saying, “She was using the cage to her advantage, so I used her momentum to my advantage. She used it, but I only used the cage for the double leg takedown.”

The historic moment was also marked by the presence of her parents cheering for her. When asked about her father’s role, who is a jiu-jitsu icon Andre Galvão, in her corner during the fight, Sarah said, “In the first round, he said we still had to feel out the girl, so there wasn’t too much to say. In the second round, he encouraged me to be more aggressive and gave me guidance on what to do if I pass or pull guard. I had full confidence in his advice.”

At just 17 years of age, Sarah Galvão, the youngest fighter on the ADXC roster, achieved an extraordinary milestone by winning the first-ever match in the ADXC series and made history.

Andre Galvão, jiu-jitsu icon and proud father, reflected on his daughter’s victory, saying, “It was incredible. In the beginning, she was acclimating to the new environment, with all the lights and the introduction. She was a bit overwhelmed at first but adapted well. The opponent was fresh and strong, cutting a lot of weight to get to her class. But Sarah found her game in the second and third rounds, and I couldn’t be prouder of her.”

The ADXC 1 has commenced on an exhilarating note with Sarah Galvão’s victory, setting the stage for a thrilling series of extreme championship events.


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